Imagine screaming inside. Screaming inside your mind because you are listening to a person break everything about you down and you can’t figure out if what they are saying is true. You are listening to their point of view but it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. You asked your significant other why they never show you affection and they are telling you that it is because you keep the house nasty. The immediate response is to wonder what could you do to correct yourself, but then you realize the last time this same conversation occurred your significant other told you…

What is Happiness?

Has anyone actually experienced it?

What does it feel like?

Is it only reserved for the chosen ones?

Listening to Al B Sure in the car with your hands blowing through the wind in the backseat on a hot day….

Being outside in the neighborhood doing cheers with your friends until the streetlights come on…

Sitting on the green box eating Dates from the tree while watching the cars go by on the street….

Playing video games all night until you woke up with the controller in your hand the next morning….

Waking up to your dad…

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Solidarity & Support needed for a 39 year old, AA woman. Woman has children and a significant amount of student loan debt. Not financially responsible not at all. Sometimes you may have to handle everything when she has gotten in trouble for this or that… Makes plenty of mistakes, and even overweight by one hundred or more pounds. Her shape is still in tact however. She has an artsy brain and not the housewife type. She keeps clutter in just about every space she encompasses but she knows where everything is. She can cook but does not cook as much…

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Dear Facebook,

I was talked into joining your platform in 2006 by my friends in college. I was not interested at first because I hate following the crowd. I was turned off by the infancy of social media. I tried a site called “College Club” and I met a guy that I found to be…. let’s just say a little touched on that platform so I decided to abstain from chat spaces for a little while. Being the introverted-extrovert I am, it took some convincing to get me to join your platform. Once I joined, I immediately started finding my…

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Being at a crossroads in your life is a very interesting time. Approaching 40 is confusing. Career, relationships, “love”, are all just for the sake of comfort.

Situations happen sometimes to FORCE you to change your trajectory. It is difficult and there are angry moments. Relationships you thought you cherished and people who you thought were in your corner that you had to associate yourself with. You discover that they are “faux”. More “faux” than hair weave. Then what do you do?

You’re alone, you are lonely, very….

You question whether to enter relationships again. What for? For more “faux”…

Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for. -Mandy Hale

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Concentration is to Tears that Flow

Flow due to what was supposed to be and what wasn’t and probably isn’t, I wish this would all blow

Away but Dreams of Utopia, what could be, what should be, but never was


To not control is to fold

Fold into the element of


The element of surprise is a way to get a rise

GOTCHA is the way

To demean is To abuse is To…

I roll over every night probably about every two hours checking my email on my phone. I get up to go use it, get right back in the bed to check my email. It’s 4 a.m. I have to get up in a few hours anyway so I start searching LinkedIn & Indeed to see what new potentials have been posted. I apply to anything remotely close to my skill set that doesn’t require a long drawn out application asking for my life story and what I ate for dinner the last two years. Then I move on to the…


In the Metro Atlanta area, the hiring practices of school districts can be very segregated. One African American teacher decided to pursue his degree in counseling and ended up interning on the wrong side of the tracks. During his internship he dealt with various microaggressions as well as a lack of culturally responsive school counseling that left him feeling like he failed children.

The educator was interviewed on September 25th at around 2:46 pm. For the sake of this article and of course fear of retribution, this educator has chosen to remain anonymous. See: Administrators, Stop Bullying Teachers for more…

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September 23rd, 2020 at 1:30pm., it was further reinforced that here in America, drywall means more than the life of a black woman.

New hashtag #drywalllivesmatter

It was a black man that stood up on National Television and continued to further drive the stake in our hearts. He stood there in his dark blue suit and tie, using his best surfer voice without even a hint of pain regarding the death of an innocent, black woman. He stood there with a straight face to yet again, remind black people that their lives do not matter. BUT WAIT! We are charging…

Who is that girl? She didn’t want to be a troublemaker she actually was a people pleaser she didn’t want no whippings or to go to hell. She actually wanted everyone to like her. She started noticing as early as Kindergarten that some kids liked her and some didn’t and they were mean. They picked on her for her always snotty nose and that she always wore dresses and couldn’t wear pants. She didn’t understand. She doubted herself constantly. She cried ALOT, some may even call her a crybaby. She was very, very sensitive and had no idea how to…

Jammie Phillips Ed.S

A loud mouth, sometimes Educator, an advocate for “The People”, an observer, a Musician, a Teaching Artist, and a HUGE fan of Duran Duran… and yes BLM ✊🏾

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